Working for The House of Champagne team means first of all showing respect for the heritage of the champagne culture and the quality of the product improved by many generations of Frenchmen. It means a professional approach to our partners, clear principles of business partnership and the continuous development of skills connected with the service of premium customers. It also means the possibility of building exceptional business relationships and the pleasure of creating a new product category.

Join us and take on the challenge of working with the best in the field in Poland.


Enthusiasts and experts

We promote people who like what they do and are specialists in champagne.

Specialist workshops and knowledge

We are constantly improving our qualifications and gaining new experience

Co-creation of the product category

Champagne is still hardly known in Poland, we are building this product category from scratch

Business relationships in the premium sector

We build lasting relationships in the luxury goods sector

Positive challenges

We support the Polish people in rediscovering champagne

Work instruments

We promote modern work tools that facilitate mobility and speed of operation

Qualified staff

including sommeliers, waiters

Business goals

We define them together with the entire team, searching for the best possible solutions.

Bonuses for success

We praise people for gaining knowledge and accepting new challenges